Some see dandelions;
others see wishes.
A transgender psychology professor shares her perspective experiencing gender dysphoria, appreciating psychology, & pursuing a meaningful life.
Being Transgender. Curse? Gift?

As a child, I felt being transgender was a curse. Society’s hate, religion's disgust, and psychology's demeaning portrayals of us reinforced my self concept. Compounding other circumstance left me feeling I didn't belong. I struggled assembling life's all mixed up puzzle pieces, transitioning as my first semester of graduate school closed. Today I feel my gender, my missteps, and my self-criticism were gifts. I feel like my struggles bring me self-compassion, compassion for others, empathy for people I don't understand, and deeper desire to find life's joy, meaning, and purpose.
Selfie of Katie Grobman, sitting on bed in a white skirt and dainty black top.
Katie Hope Grobman
Easter & the Transgender Day of Visibility, 2024
Katie Grobman, sitting on the rec trail while roller skating.
Katie Hope Grobman
experiencing joy in my everyday life, roller skating by the sea
Feelings of Joy, and Numbness

I was so incredibly happy living authentically but not everybody shared my joy. Some of my Psychology professors felt it’d be disreputable if someone so “disordered” as me was able to earn a PhD in our field. I made lots of mistakes too, not always handling situations with grace. I feel like I let a choir of critical voices constrict my heart into numbness (e.g., family, academia). My head chose salvaging my dream of being a professor. But honestly, I detransitioned after graduation out of a loss of faith in myself. Years following my detransition, I began focusing on personal growth inside and it brought me to transition again. I'm so grateful to be my authentic self.

Dandelions are distasteful weeds ruining our lawns, aren’t they? Or maybe they only feel wonky surrounded by perfectly manicured blades of grass?

Dandelions are nutritious, medicinal, vibrant dyes, and just intrinsically beautiful across their dozens of varieties found around the world.

Dandelions experience a magical metamorphosis - bright yellow flowers into white puffballs calling us to wish for any possibilities we can imagine.

My wish for each of us is we can find our child-like souls, gently hold dandelions, and help our dreams come true.
Selfie of Katie Grobman, sitting on bed in a white skirt and dainty black top.
Katie Hope Grobman
selfie before volunteering as a hostess
Autobiographical Essays
Katie Grobman's life story - transitioning, detransitioning, and ultimately retransitioning, while struggling through childhood and finding meaning and joy in adulthood.
Introductory Resources
Practical tips and helpful resources when you are or care about somebody who is transgender.
Becoming Our Best Selves
How can we find meaning, purpose, and joy as a gender diverse person? Sharing thoughts combining my personal experiences and background in Psychology.
Academic and clinical portrayals of transgender experiences in Psychology, including Gender Dysphoria, treatment models, and my early critiques of 'Gender Identity Disorder'.
Exploring how different groups, across eras and cultures, understand being transgender (e.g., politics, religion).
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Learn more about aspects of my life beyond being a trans woman. Discover the long history of my website, from GeoCities, to [current], to today.